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Everything to Know About Adding Money for Inmates Online

You are going to want to consider how you can put money on inmates books so they can purchase items easily. Going to the prison to do this can become a hassle, but if you know how to choose the right website, then you can do everything over the internet. You, however, should make sure that you are aware of why doing this online is going to be the best way and you can do it quickly and easily.


Why Do it Online?

There are many ways that you can add to the current deposits for inmate commissary and that means you can send a check to the prison and wait for it to clear or do it online. There are numerous reasons that you are going to want to do this online rather than sending in a check, including:

  • Low rates for adding funds
  • Will be credited almost instantly
  • Can be added using prepaid, debit or credit cards
  • Easy to use
  • Various types of payments can be made, including for basic needs or phone calls

These are just a few of the main reasons that you are going to want to do it online and you can get this done quickly and easily. Why do it any other way when it would take longer for this to be accomplished?


Benefits of Adding Money Online


For those who send money to an inmate one of the things you are going to need to know are the various benefits of adding the funds online. There are numerous benefits to enjoy with this, such as:


  • Funds can be added to their account much faster than other methods
  • Add various types of funds like for phone calls or even for other purchases
  • Low cost for rates of adding funds
  • Can be done for any location
  • Easy to use and quick to add funds
  • You can add the funds whenever you have free time
  • No need to leave your home to send out a check

These are just a few of the top benefits that one is going to have to be aware of when it comes to why choosing the online method for adding funds is the best way to go.


How to Add Money Online


When you are going to send & transfer money to inmates you are going to have to choose the right site for that and that is Pigeonly. This is going to be an easy way for you to add the funds for your loved one and you need to know how to do this and there a few a steps, such as:


  • Searching for and finding the right individual
  • Choosing the type of funds you are going to want to add
  • Choose the right payment method and authorize it

If you want to send money, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of it all, then this is the best way to do it. These are the only steps that are required for you to send the funds to the individual, so why make the entire thing harder than it needs to be by sending a check or money order?


Choosing the Right Site to Add Money


When it comes to adding or put money on inmates books you need to ensure that you are choosing  the right site. There is a lot that you are going to want to think about when you are looking at the various options, including:


  • Rates for adding the funds
  • Time required for them to credit the funds
  • Availability of customer service representatives
  • Locations that they can deal with
  • Types of payments that they accept
  • Reputation of the company

Ensure that you are thinking about all of this when you are starting to look at the websites where you can add some more funds for your loved ones. You want to pick the right company that would help you to give the individual the funds that you are sending, which means that it is critical you are picking the right site.


How Often Should You Add Money?


You should make sure that you are thinking about how often you are going to want to send money to an inmate. There is plenty that you are going to want to think about when you are trying to make this decision, including how much you can afford to give them on a monthly basis. You would also need to think about what their monthly expenses are going to be, such as for extra food, sanitary and health supplies and much more. You can give them funds as often as you want and can afford, but make sure that you are taking the costs of adding the funds into consideration when you are doing this.


How to Ensure that Your Inmate is Getting the Money


You are going to want to ensure that the deposits for inmate commissary are reaching the right individual and there are a few things that you can do to make sure they are getting there. You should be double checking the information that you are choosing and try to get the information from the individual as well. Once you have done this, then you are going to want to let them know that you have sent the funds and ask them if they got the credit or you can ask customer service if the funds were credited.


Go ahead and send & transfer money to inmates without having to worry about a single thing, especially if you are doing it through Pigeonly. You are going to want to make sure that you are picking the right site and you should consider the rates that you are going to pay when it comes to deciding how often to add funds. Also, you want to think about what type of funds you are going to give them, which should be chosen when you are adding them on the internet.

Source: http://pigeonly.com